Declarations of Performance for Tarmac cements and limes can be downloaded directly and printed using the options below. If you know the specific DoP number, please enter this in the field below. Alternatively, you can leave this blank and use the drop-down menu to access the DoP.

The Technical Helpdesk can be contacted on 0845 812 6232 for any additional technical enquiries

For products not shown here contact:
0845 812 6232


Previous or expired versions of the Declaration of Performance (DoP) can be obtained, on request, by calling 0845 812 6232.

Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited from 1 Aug 2015

For a limited period of time only, some products may still display the previous company name ‘Lafarge Tarmac Cement and Lime’ in the CE Panel on the packaging as stocks are used up. The number and address in the panel is still correct, it is only the company name that has changed.